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Wheel-thrown stoneware with glaze

Each: H. 11 x dia. 12 cm

£35 each



About Max Breese

"My work concentrates on contemporary interpretations of traditional forms. My work is thrown, and driven by how it functions, and I like to consider how forms such as a collared neck can make a vase more comfortable to hold in your hands."


"I like to experiment with different colours on the body of the clay. I like how different applications of slip or stain can alter or intensify the character of the piece and its form through the choice of mark making and how they combine with a glaze."


"I use simple glazes, with a focus on the way they are applied and how they combine with slips and stains in order to bring out a range of tones from the clay body.


Max Breese is an artist born and based in London. A qualified architect, his work spans paintings and ceramics and his latest collection brings together both medium with an abstraction of landscape in light, colour and shape:

"They capture a walk around the common at dusk as it slowly gets darker. They are based on sketches and photos, and play with camera light perception, where it can simultaneously appear daylight whilst capturing reflections from street lighting."



Delivery Options

Delivery to Mainland UK within 3-5 working days.

International delivery available within 7-10 days



14 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a full refund for any returns within 14 days from purchase.

Planters | By Max Breese

PriceFrom £35.00
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