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Pod 1 by Lise Herud Braten




Back grogged stoneware clay, thrown and altered. Glazed with porcelain slip, coloured slips, craze glaze, zinc oxide and clear glaze. Gold lustre detail.

Fired to 1250 C.


H. 16 x w. 15 x d. 11 cm



About the Artist

'I am informed by details from nature, both around me and from my memories of growing up in a rugged landscape in Norway. I find constant inspiration in craggy rocks, lichen, moss and layered tree bark, as well as urban decay. My primary interests are texture and natural, undulating forms, and I am constantly exploring new techniques, blends of materials and an array of found objects I use as tools. I work with a range of stoneware and porcelain clays, and layers of slips, oxides, natural ash, organic inclusions and my own range of glazes.'

Lise Herud Braten had a 20 year career in bespoke tailoring and haute couture before coming to ceramics. 'I find similarities in respect of working with a malleable material in the creation of three-dimensional forms, however, with clay I am able to work in a very free and organic way