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Porcelain cylinders, gold thread, navy cord

Each cylinder: H. 12 x dia. 3 cm on adjustable cord.



About Ann-Marie Hamilton

"I am an assembler of components and I strive to achieve a sense of rhythm which manifests itself into a linear path or journey.  Predominantly a gold and silversmith, I have reset my practice to evaluate other medias and to push a sense of scale, as I see sculpture as large jewellery and so treat the method of construction in much the same way."


"A maker at heart, I explore materials through direct handing and seek to develop a conversation between them and myself.  I welcome a dialogue between materials with contrasting properties and enjoy the freedom of stitching and wrapping threads into rigid clay and metal surfaces, which challenges my sense of control."


"My current work is concerned with exploratory forms which utilise porcelain as a canvas on which to stitch silk and gold threads. I apply linear paths across assemblages of unimposing forms to convey paths trodden and conversations held, bridging gaps and utilising cast shadows or choosing to un-obstruct areas in order to value the spaces that are created between."

Porcelain Cylinders 2 | Each: H. 12 cm | By Ann-Marie Hamilton

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