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Black stoneware clay with porcelain skin, coiled.

H. 31 cm



About Gabriele Koch

"In Ceramics, there is something that lies beyond skill and experience: it is passion, an intensity which is evident in the work of Gabriele Koch." Tony Birks.


Gabriele Koch concentrates on simple forms, trying to integrate balance and tension, stillness and movement, precision and spontaneity, expansion and the containment of volume. Koch’s most recent work sees a shift from low-fired earthenware to high-fired stoneware, combining rough black clay with white porcelain. Her inspiration for this body of work came from looking at geological landscape and how different layers of sediment combine in rock formations, leading to the idea of combining quite opposite materials like stoneware clay and porcelain. Each hand built vessel is layered and fired several times to stoneware temperature.


Gabriele graduated with a Diploma in Art & Design from Goldsmiths College, London in 1981. Her award-winning work has been exhibited in solo and group shows internationally and can be found in public and private collections all over the work including: the V&A Museum, London; Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Museum of Art and Design, New York; Gardiner Museum, Toronto; and Museum Bellerive, Zurich.


Gabriele's work has also been featured in various publications. In 2009, the book 'Gabriele Koch - Hand building and smoke firing' by Tony Birks was published about her life and work.




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Porcelain White Vessel | By Gabriele Koch

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