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*Please note, this vaseis being represented directly from Anna's studio in Portugal and therefore both UK and international deliveries will be within 10 days from purchase. Import taxes may be applicable to different destinations and if so will be charged via customs on import, they are not included within the purchase price however the delivery costs to any worldwide destination is.*





H. 26 x dia. 17 cm



About Anna Demidova

Anna Demidova is a Lisbon-based Russian ceramic artist and interior designer. Her background includes studios in photography and conceptural art before graduating from Kuban State University as a graphic designer - where she would later become a teacher. While at University, she also started creating interior design projects and still works as an interior designer. 4 years ago, Anna began working with ceramics which quickly became her passion.


Clay gives an opportunity to work with shape in a free environment, a key part to Anna's work. She uses clay intuitively, keeping a concept in her mind and then improvising. Working solely with hand-built techniques, she prefers abstract shapes, soft lines, coarse textures and a moderate colour palette.


Anna's focus within her work, regardless of the form or functionality, is on sculptural aspects. Each piece is intended to be a sculpture object where the border between art, craftsmanship and design disappears. Inspired by human beings and living creatures, her artworks arouse associations with bionic shapes, knuckles, parts of body and living tissue.

Anna has participated in exhibitions in France, Portugal and Spain.


Artist Q&A

What’s your favourite reaction (in firing, paint, texture, contrast) that you can create?

A: I am excited to see ready pieces after firing. I am running to the studio to open the kiln, unforgettable feelings. Even if I am not so content with the result, I can reflect hours and be inspired to make new pieces.

How important is the material itself to your work?

A: I prefer very oily clay and that is why I have chosen terracotta, it's so soft I simply enjoy working. I absolutely admire the color of terracotta, it gives me ideas and I develop in my works the importance of the natural texture of the clay

How do you decide when a form works? What are you looking for in a final piece?

A: Clay is such a good material that connects hands and an imagination. In many cases I use clay intuitively and keep a concept in my mind. Sometimes the final piece is different from my idea or I can stop myself in the middle of the process and realize that the piece is done. It is unpredictable, once upon a time I spent hours to find out the final details and just left the piece.

Is functionality important to your work?

A: I am more interested in sculptural aspects than the functional part. But I really love to make lamps and vases. Each piece is intended to be a sculptural object anyway where the border between art, craftsmanship and design disappears. I try to highlight texture, play with shape and color and just after it I think about the functionality.

Raw Sculptural Series, Vase 07 | H. 26 cm | By Anna Demidova

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