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Reduction 1 (set of 5):

R1.1      White stoneware slip & wild clay (B2), woodfired    dia. 9.5 x d. 3.3 cm

R1.2      Porcelain slip, woodfired     dia. 9.1 x d. 3.4 cm

R1.3      White stoneware slip, gas fired     dia. 9.5 x d. 3.4 cm

R1.4      Porcelain slip & wild clay (B2), gas fired     dia. 9.3 x d. 3.4 cm

R1.5      White stoneware slip, woodfired     dia. 9.5 x d. 3.4 cm


From 'The Reduction Series' - A series of work created by the artist on residency at

Guldagergaard International Ceramics Research Centre, Denmark, November-December 2021:


“All pieces in The Reduction Series have been either gas or wood-fired at Guldagergaard International Ceramics Research Centre, Denmark, during a 6-week residency. Gas and wood firings create a reducing atmosphere inside the kiln producing varied and unexpected results. The reduction process changes the colour of the clay body as well as drawing iron to the clays surface appearing as small flecks of brown. While flames during a wood firing can mark the pieces with flashes of pinks and browns, and ash from the fire can land and melt on the clays surface creating a light green glaze.”


Nadire Gökmen




About Nadire Gökmen

“The urban landscape is simultaneously dotted with traces of our presence in, and separation from, nature, from orange hues that envelop steel exteriors to the rusted silhouettes of absent objects. With a desire to capture these traces rather than mimic their appearance I developed a slip- casting process, Rust Print, that allows the rusted surface of steel to be directly transferred onto clay. Each piece is then high fired, turning rusts ephemeral patina into a permanent trace on the clay body.”


Nadire Gökmen is a London based artist currently working predominantly in ceramics. Her process led practice is motivated by the material traces that appear in our man-made environment. Fascinated by material and texture, Nadire utilises experimental processes to allow the effects of weathering to surface the clay.


After a year at Leeds College of Art, Nadire graduated from Manchester School of Art with first class honours degree in Three Dimensional Design in 2020. Upon graduating, she was awarded the Thrown Contemporary Ceramics Award at New Designers 2020, The Holden Gallery Graduate Award and was also selected for a highly prized place on a residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramics Research Centre, Denmark.



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Reduction 1 (set of 5) | By Nadire Gökmen

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