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*Please note, this artwork is being represented directly from Leonardo's studio in France and therefore deliveries to all addresses are stated as 10 working days from purchase. Import taxes may be applicable to different destinations and if so will be charged via customs on import, they are not included within the purchase price however the delivery costs to any worldwide destination is. If you would like to check on delivery timings or would like help finding out about import tax, don't hesitate to get in touch.*



Olive root wood

H. 28 x dia. 28 cm



About Rooted Armony:

"Harmony" refers to the spherical shape used in the work, which represents balance and unity. It’s a perfect, complete form that reflects the order of symmetry in nature. It suggests a sense of peace and balance that can be found through acceptance of diversity.


"Rooted" refers to the olive briar used to create the sphere. The briar represents the deepest and most rooted part of the tree, symbolizing the strength, stability and connection with the earth and with the roots of one’s existence.


A work that reflects harmony, unity and deep connection with the natural world and humanity itself. It invites us to reflect on our relationship with nature and our connection with other human beings.



About Leonardo Cappelini

"In my artistic career as a wood turner, my mission is guided by a deep connection with nature and an unconditional commitment to sustainability. Every work of art I create is an ode to the intrinsic beauty of wood and a testament to my respect for the environment."


"The choice to use exclusively wood recovered from pruning or felling caused by diseases or dangers of fall is a manifestation of my faith in the ethics of conservation. I categorically refuse to sacrifice a living tree for the creation of my works."


"I constantly try to enhance the wood that I recover in all its "imperfections". In veins, knots and asymmetries, I see the unique story of each piece of wood and I strive to preserve its authenticity. It is in these more hidden details that I find inspiration for my works."


"My creations are not only works of art, but evidence of a deep commitment to the environment, natural beauty and the celebration of imperfections that make each piece of wood unique. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to reflect on the relationship between art and nature, inviting them to look more closely at the hidden wonders that surround us."


Leonardo Cappellini is an italian artist, born in Florence in 1995. After attending the Liceo Scientifico, he enrolled in the university faculty of Design in Florence, my hometown, where he graduated in 2018. During his studies he developed a growing passion for nature in all its aspects, in particular for the plant kingdom.

"Already during high school I started to create small wooden objects, until, through the viewing of a movie, I discovered the turning of wood.. A love at first sight, a passion. After buying a small lathe I dedicated all my free time, but the hours spent in the small workshop created in the family garage were never enough.. My aspiration was to devote myself to it full time. So, with the dual purpose of creating a larger laboratory and getting closer to nature I decided to move out of town in a house surrounded by nature, near a forest and surrounded by olive groves typical of the Tuscan hills."

"I still live and work in this magnificent place located in Compiobbi near Florence. A place that combines inspiration and love for nature."

"I love working with solid wood that comes exclusively from the area, with which I make most of my works. Work only recovered wood, coming from pruning or felling due to tree disease. I couldn’t bear to think that a tree was cut down for the purpose of making objects."

"My works are the result of daily inspiration in contact with nature. This comes to life in my works creating a combination of turning, sculpture and pyrography."


"I love to recognize the various types of wood, leaves and flowers that nature gives us."

"Wood is a real living organism, susceptible like us human beings, to infinite environmental variations. When the wood is fresh, these environmental variations lead to considerable physical changes that are clearly visible to the naked eye. Since I started working as a turner, much of my personal research has been devoted to the "green" state of matter and to finding a way to manage mutations over time and draw inspiration from them."

"Working green wood is a truly extraordinary world, where the rule of life is "everything changes", because you can see with your own eyes the matter that transforms like magic, but that magic is not .... is nature!"

Rooted Armony | H. 28 cm | By Leonardo Cappelini

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