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Slip-cast porcelain with glazed interior

Stamped on reverse

H. 15 cm



About the Maker

Eva Radulova is a London based designer-maker working under the name ‘ERADU Ceramics’.


Ever since experimenting with clay in her art classes at school, Eva knew that ceramics were the creative direction she wanted to take. Having focused her studies on ceramics and Fine Art at university, there was nowhere else but Stoke-on-Trent to hone her craft and complete her Master’s Degree.


Maintaining the hand-crafted as well as mass appeal to her work has been pivotal in Eva’s design process, and her inspiration has played an important role in achieving this. Concentrating on everyday objects for her graduate collection, and combining these with traditional techniques and reinvention, her distinctive vessels were born.


Although, she experiments with terracotta and some other clay she loves the purest white color of bone china and the endless possibilities of coloring the porcelain. The challenge she seeks is the reinvention of shapes in the melting point of old and new.



Delivery Options

Delivery to Mainland UK within 3-5 working days

International delivery available within 7-14 working days



14 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a full refund for any returns within 14 days from purchase.

Sake Jug | By ERADU Ceramics

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