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Porcelain, High-fired colour stain, Gloop glaze

H. 17 x dia. 12 cm


About this series:

This series of work was inspired by Jihyun's grandmother's ritual of placing a small ceramic jar filled with salt near the entrance of their South Korean home. This jar was believed to prevent negative energy and evil spirits from entering the household, and it is a widely held belief and superstition in South Korea.


Jihyun merged this tradition with the enchanting properties of fairy rings, which are circular formations of mushrooms that have been interpreted in various ways throughout history. Drawing inspiration from these two sources, Jihyun created a series of salt containers, aptly named 'Salty Fairy Ring' which embody a sense of wonder and magic.



About Jihyun Kim

"Each piece I  create is a testament to my attention to detail and my ability to integrate the extraordinary into everyday utility. My works are more than mere objects; they are invitations to the audience to step closer to the mystical threshold within their daily environments."


Jihyun Kim's artistic series is a testament to her deeply rooted cultural heritage and her fascination with the mystical properties of the natural world.

Jihyun delves into the intersection of sculptural form and functional design in her ceramic creations. Her artistic pursuits involve a continuous exploration of the aesthetic and organic forms found in nature, which often feature magical and mystical narratives, including that of fungi.

Jihyun’s work showcases her keen attention to detail, her ability to seamlessly meld artistic form with practical function, and her knack for incorporating fantastical elements into her designs. By integrating sculptural elements into everyday objects, Jihyun hopes to invite her audience to encounter the magical borderline in their everyday lives, encouraging them to explore the mystical elements that exist all around us. Her skillful blending of tradition and imagination, coupled with her exceptional artistry, has produced a body of work that is as captivating as it is inspiring.


Jihyun is an accomplished South Korean ceramic designer who produces exquisitely crafted ceramic pieces. Her creative process involves experimenting with various colours and textures using slip casting techniques and innovative glazes.

Jihyun holds a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Crafts, with first-class honors, and a degree in Visual Media Design, both from Sookmyung Women's University in South Korea. Recently, she gained a Master of Arts in Ceramics and Glass at the prestigious Royal College of Art.

She has gained significant recognition for her work and showcases her pieces in notable international exhibitions, including the Milan Design Week, London Design Festival and the British Ceramic Biennial.

Salty Fairy Ring Choco | H. 17 cm | By Jihyun Kim

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