Sassi Fioriti #12 | By Lucia Zamberletti (Zanellazine ceramics)

Sassi Fioriti #12 | By Lucia Zamberletti (Zanellazine ceramics)


Hand-built ceramic, double-fired

H. 33 x w. 10 x d. 10 cm

Please note, this piece is being represented directly from Lucia's studio in Italy so delivery timings may slightly differ than usual.



About The Artist

"When I became a mother in 2012 I left Milano where I was working as a fashion consultant and came back to my home town Varese which is known as “the garden city”. Here, with my aunt Giovanna Zighetti who has been a ceramist for the past 30 years, I started the Zanellazine project which was born as a street market (showing the artisanal works of our friends)

eventually became a magazine and finally in 2014 turned into our

ceramic studio.


I started manipulating clay and felt a great connection with it, for the first time in my life i could develop an idea entirely by myself with a total freedom. My initiation piece has been a replica of Fausto Melotti “Coppa” from 1954.

My aunt Giovanna, taught me the basic techniques and I've experienced them, made many mistakes and found my voice.

We use both the traditional technique : red clay decorated with engobes and crystalline glaze and the raku technique. Every single piece is hand made, hand decorated and double fired.


I started going “solo” by developing my signature collections :

_ “BLOOMEN" : which are blooming totem made of different pieces glued together on an iron base; although they cant contain water, the piece at the top which is often a giant seed/bloom can contain any sort of flower which can eventually become part of the sculpture. Also there is always a contrast between the stillness of the sculpture and the idea of the blossom movement that is represented

_ “FUNGHI” : sculptural interpretations of the fantastic world of Fungi

_ “SASSI FIORITI“ : literally “flowered stones” where detachable ceramic Hibiscus and Daylily flowers and blooms can be picked from a base which recalls the shape of a stone or a bulb.

My pieces come naturally from my hands, out of instinct and intuition. My approach has been raw and pure without a real knowledge of the ceramic world, its cultural roots and traditions; I look at Nature and get inspired by it: i don't draw anything, I just manipulate the clay, pay attention to its suggestions and live the present. When all the pieces are ready i spend weeks in combining them, I have a natural tension towards new forms of balance in terms of volumes, surfaces and colours combinations, that’s why I almost always combine the traditional technique with raku in order to

achieve unexpected results.


I also value imperfection which is a distinctive concept both in nature and in ceramic, I like to underline it in my works because is how i mostly feel as a human being.



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