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Textured, lightly burnished followed by an application of terra sigillata and barrel fired in saggars.

H. 13 cm



About the Artist

"The honesty inherent in the creative process of making and firing my ceramics deeply connects me to the work.

I gain great satisfaction capturing a moment in time etched on a surface, always unpredictable, sometimes astonishing, a cause for celebration.

The precarious nature of this process brings enormous vitality to my work."


I discovered my love for working with clay whilst studying art and design at foundation level in Cheltenham.  I knew from day one that I'd found the medium I wanted to work with and went on to graduate from The University of Wales Institute, Cardiff with a degree in ceramics.  

I began working as a pottery technician which led on to teaching ceramics in adult education.  Life then took me in a different direction and I spent the following 15 years working as an interior designer.  Finally the time was right, my urge to work with clay took control and I set out making ceramic art.

From my home and studio in the Cotswolds, the countryside around me influences my work.  I make non functional, hand built ceramics.  My working practice has become very stripped back using the bare minimum of components.  I focus on building layers of surface decoration allowing the clay to show its true character.

As a painter would prime a canvas in preparation for a painting, I do the same.  I prime the raw clay with Terra Sigillata, a refined liquid clay used in Ancient Greek and Roman pottery.  This gives a soft sheen which is then ready to accept the next stage of decoration.  

I forage locally for wood, plant life and organic combustible materials to decorate my work in an aggressive barrel firing process.  This scorches and bleaches the Terra Sigillata, it burns colours and abstract marks into the surface.

I cannot repeat a finish, my work embraces an opportunity, a moment that leads to an unexpected outcome.  This makes every piece unique and precious, to be cherished as all of the elements in the moment that created it can never be reproduced.  I have to look forward and wait for another chance and embrace that element of surprise.




Delivery to Mainland UK within 3-5 working days.

Delivery to International destinations within 10 working days.

Free collection from Gilvic, Hoxton, E2 8AX - available within 3 days.




If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a full refund on the safe return of any artwork. We must be notified of the return within 14 days from the date the artwork arrives with you. The return method is the responsibility of the buyer however if the return is due to any misunderstanding from our website description or images, the gallery will cover the costs of the return too.



Payment via instalments can be arranged through the gallery, contact us to find out more.

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