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Coiled limoges porcelain

H. 25 x dia. 17 cm



About Liz Workman

Liz Workman makes hand-built coiled porcelain sculptural vessels that reference the female form and are inspired by Cycladic figures; each piece she makes is one of a kind. Her pots are decorated with recurring hand-drawn motifs such as spots, dots, lines and doodles based on microscopic cells or record passing time. She is interested in the relationship between surface pattern and form and her work celebrates the irregularities, imperfections and flaws that we all have and which make us who we are.


Her process is deliberately slow and mindful, as she makes her pots using the coiling technique rather than using a potter's wheel, which means no two objects are the same and her hand is very present on each one. It’s a technique which takes time and patience and she responds to each pot individually, making spontaneous decisions on the shape and pattern as she goes along. The patterns she creates on the surface of each vessel are carved into the leather hard clay using a pin, then inlaid with cobalt oxide, and finally fired with a clear glaze so they are watertight. She loves to produce beautiful functional objects that people can enjoy in their homes for years to come.


Liz Workman is an artist based in London. She learnt to make pots at secondary school when she was 15 and went on to study a BA in Ceramics at Cardiff School of Art and Design and also has an MA in Book Arts from Camberwell School of Art.

Small Seated Mother | H. 25 cm | By Liz Workman

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