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Unglazed porcelain

H. 7.5 x dia. 13 cm



About Faith Mowbray

"I want the things I make to be delightful interventions in everyday life."


"I’m led by the material qualities of clay, starting with the patterns which form on the surface of my slip bucket. I’ve tried to find new ways to capture qualities of soft and liquid clay: piping, flinging, daubing, stamping. Those experiments are always the starting point for the things I make."


"I’ve been looking at 18th century decorative porcelain and its qualities of lightness, frivolity, novelty and a thrill in technical innovation. This has led me to intricate 3D surfaces as a way to emphasise the particular qualities of a clay body: the darkness and weight of black stoneware, and the light and lightness of porcelain."


"I completed the HND in Ceramics course at Morley College in 2021. I've always drawn and made things and my route into ceramics was via membership studios in London."



Artist Q&A

What are your biggest influences?

F: The European porcelain collection in the V+A ceramics gallery


Is functionality important to your work?

F: No! I generally start from a simple functional shape like a jar or a candlestick, but really it's a pretext to make something decorative. Because they seem so fragile they're a bit unnerving to handle, but fired porcelain is always a little stronger than you think. 


What first drew you to your current process?

F: I've been experimenting with thick porcelain slip for a while, piping and pouring it and using plaster and paper moulds, trying to get something like lace or a net. This is a natural progression. 

Small Sprig Candlestick | H. 7.5 cm | By Faith Mowbray

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