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Australian Lumina Porcelain, stains and wild clay.

Fired in oxidation 1280oC Polished and finished with Liquid Quartz ceramic sealer.

Approx. H. 11 x dia. 11.5 cm



About the series 'Wild Women, Wild Clay'

‘Wild Women, Wild Clay’ is driven by my fascination of the minerals and clays underneath, the layers of the earth and how we uncover them. Echoing my local landscape and using raw volcanic clays from Tamborine Mountain, in Australia, geological metamorphosis and history underwrites many of my concepts. During the last 3 months I have researched female potters from the 1940’s-80’s who lived in unique isolation here on the mountain; dug clay from their backyards and sold works from their home based galleries. Using these original sources of clay, I have been retelling their unique stories.


While these landscapes are in a constant state of flux, I like to investigate transformation of the ceramic medium and extend upon my fascination with exploiting porcelain’s possibilities and boundaries. Each vessel captures pockets of raw stoneware nerikomi (pattern ) pieces, rocks and minerals.



About the Maker

Larissa Warren (aka Ratbag Studios) Is an award-winning Australian ceramic artist who has her own unique approach to clay. With a passion for traditional Japanese nerikomi techniques, Larissa created engaging surfaces by combining translucent porcelain, colour, raw stoneware and minerals. Larissa works from her home studio; a reclaimed underground bunker, located in the Gold Coast hinterland on Tamborine Mountain.



Delivery Options

Delivery to Mainland UK within 3-5 working days.

International delivery available at competitive rates, delivered in 7-10 working days.



14 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a full refund for any returns within 14 days from purchase.

Small Vase | H. 11 cm | By Larissa Warren

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