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Wild clay and limonite wash from Puisaye

Fired in oxidation at 1250°C

⌀ 31.5 cm
Stamped with material details and UA/Clara Holt logo on the base



In the city, we are caged, with concrete walls so high,

Our spirits yearn for freedom, beneath the endless sky,

We dream of open spaces, where our hearts can truly soar,

And turn wild, like the creatures that we were meant to be before.


So we venture to the wilderness, where the air is pure and clear,

And leave behind the noise, the chaos, and the fear,

We breathe in the freshness, and let our souls ignite,

As we turn wild, and bask in the rustle of the night.


We run with deers, we dance with the bears,

We roll with boars, and let our laughter fill the air,

We walk in the light of the moon, and let the stars guide us home,

As we turn wild, and let our true selves roam.



The clay for this large tile was foraged from the Puisaye region. The yellow oxide wash is made from limonite pebbles sieved from the clay itself. 

It is decorated with the sgraffito technique.


The Puisaye region in France has a secular pottery tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, also thanks to the vast high fire clay deposit it sits upon.



About Clara Holt x Unurgent Argilla

Sonia Pasquinelli, aka Clara Holt, is an Italian illustrator and a decorator. She completed her classical studies and has always had a passion for classical literature, Greek epics and the surrealist current, which guide her in her research and personal interpretation of her subjects. Each piece is a one-off, illustrated with a drawing inspired by places, mythology or childhood stories. 


Nina Salsotto Cassina is an Italian ceramicist. In 2019 she founded Unurgent Argilla, focusing on material research of non-industrial wild materials. Unurgent Argilla is a vocabulary of wild materials, a study of what’s around us, repeated on spherical vessels, which she uses as a canvas to convey a spatial narrative. The final vases function as both signposts and autobiographical archival memories. 


In 2021, Clara Holt and Unurgent Argilla started a collaboration to narrate specific places through their combined styles of storytelling: materials and decoration.

Together they are working on a series of vessels and tiles made and decorated with different wild clays and rocks collected throughout Italy. Each piece is thrown and the illustration is specific to the setting where the materials were collected. Their first vessels together focused on volcanic rocks from Pantelleria, they are now working with a wider range of wild high fire clays, slips and oxides foraged mainly around the Alps.




Delivery to Mainland UK within 3-5 days

Delivery to International addresses within 7-14 days




If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a full refund on the safe return of any artwork. We must be notified of the return within 14 days from the date the artwork arrives with you. The return method is the responsibility of the buyer however if the return is due to any misunderstanding from our website description or images, the gallery will cover the costs of the return too.



Available to purchase via OwnArt

UK-based buyers can split the cost of this work over 10 months with an interest free loan via OwnArt. Contact the gallery for more details.

Sometimes I wear my beast head | ⌀ 31.5 cm | By Clara Holt x Unurgent

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