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Stoneware, unglazed

H. 37.5 cm



About Marek Pitera

"I create stoneware sculpture driven by a purely intuitive design and making process as a candid exploration of the subconscious in form and tone. I form using coiling, an ancient technique which though slow and painstaking, allows the free and precise expression necessary to fully realise imagined form. For the same reason, I avoid glaze to expose the richness of unobscured vitrified ceramic body."


"Contrast in tone is achieved through using gradients and boundaries between different clay bodies and inclusions. Most of the pieces include blends of stoneware bodies with local London Clay, hand prospected from the vicinity of the studio, which is used to create a physical link between the work and its place of creation and for the particular richness and subtlety of tone this material provides. Each piece is unique, being based on a single and unrepeated moment of inspiration."


"My interest in ceramics was ignited by a chance viewing of an exhibit of early Studio pottery at St. Ives in 2004. This grew over time and came to include contemporary sculpture and art. After ten years, this led me to change career from medical diagnostics to ceramic sculpture. I graduated from the City Lit ceramic diploma course in 2017, following which I spent a few years developing my work, building a studio in West London and teaching myself to build and fire kilns. All of my work is fired in one of two Minnesota Flat Top downdraught kilns of my own making and many of my working methods are also self developed."

Standing Form 9 | H. 37.5 cm | By Marek Pitera

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