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Unglazed polished porcelain

H. 4 x dia. 27 cm


From the Stitched Series:

"The ‘Stitched’ series explores the geometric symmetry and clean lines of urban landscapes passed on my daily commute. Inspired by post-World War II social housing tower blocks that stand as both historical relics and modern-day landmarks, the series attempts to transform these buildings, which are brutal and stark in their functionality, into something that is softer and more delicate. I seek to capture the essence of these urban landscapes in the series, celebrating the enduring spirit of places often overlooked."



About Alice Adler

"I am a British/Australian ceramic artist specialising in patterned porcelain handbuilt pieces. My practice focuses on creating functional ceramic forms using a unique technique of laminating together coloured strips or pieces of porcelain, in a similar method to the pattern making of wooden parquetry."


"Often inspired by the urban environment and textiles, each of my one-off pieces is a result of a technically challenging confluence of visual aesthetics and vessel structure. My making process involves meticulously layering and fusing coloured porcelain strips or geometric shapes into intricately patterned slabs, using practices which are somewhat similar to the techniques of Nerikomi and traditional Ceramic Inlay. Each porcelain slab was carefully sliced open and filled numerous times to assemble each of the visual elements, making up the structure and body of the vessel."


"I enjoy the challenge of combining different colours and shapes to create cohesive, harmonious designs, and find this process to be meditative. Each unglazed porcelain vessel is polished to produce a soft, tactile surface, inviting you to hold them."


Alice Adler first experimented with clay during her Design BA in Sydney, where she learnt to slip cast and throw on the wheel. She now works from a studio in Bristol, UK.

Stitched Platter, Green & Blue | Dia. 27 cm | By Alice Adler

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