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Porcelain paper clay

H. approx. 36 cm



About Katie More

Katie is an artist living and working in North East London. Each of her creative outputs embody an aesthetic which is colourful and playful. 


Her practice centres around the theme of the theatre, imagining her clay objects as theatre props which she paints and directs on stage.


Katie builds multiple works at once, coil by coil in her chosen clay body. She finds the building process the most freeing, following no specific plans and embracing a variation of forms.


The clay surface she paints with underglazes and slips. Katie’s designs are inspired by theatre sets and her natural surroundings. Decorating her objects she describes as an ongoing experiment.


This trio of porcelain works showcase designs inspired by her summer sketchbooks travelling in various parts of the UK this year.



Artist Q&A

When did you first work with your chosen medium?

K: Throughout my illustration studies, most of my creative outputs were three dimensional; paper constructed objects, painted sets etc. It wasn't until after my course that I discovered clay for the first time in a handbuilding course. It was a fun material to work with, a new way to play with narrative and colour. I haven't stopped working with it since then!



Can you talk us through a usual day in your studio?

K: When I'm in the studio, I am either making my clay objects or painting them. Building each form can take me days, maybe weeks depending on how large the series of work is. I work on many objects at once. The building process is when I find I switch off the most, allowing where the coiling process takes me.

When it comes to painting my works, I concentrate on the sketchbook and digital drawings which I have with me, replicating those sketches and motifs onto my clay surfaces. 



Is functionality important to your work?

K: I consider my works to be decorative objects which can be directed in different settings alike to stage props. I like to look back at series that I have made and be reminded of the theme or landscape which brings them together. In photographing and installing my works, I try to experiment with backdrops which also tell a similar story. In summary, the narrative is more important to me than the functionality of my work.

Summer Wobble III | H. approx. 36 cm | By Katie Moore

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