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20 x 10 x 15 cm



About Tim Fluck

"I create slip cast porcelain sculptures of various component parts, arranged to create playful yet precarious compositions. Conceptually I explore the notion of utopia as a process (rather than a solution,) in which the promise of an ideal is never realised but remains on an endless loop of desire. This work brings together seemingly disparate forms and textures, from Minimalist-inspired Brutalism to the Maximalism of Memphis Design. The contrast of clean and seemingly infinite forms, with playful and colourful imperfect protrusions, aim to represent the precarious harmony of hope and the perpetual reach for the elusive promise of utopia."


Tim Fluck taught secondary art and design for over 10 years before discovering ceramics. Initially a photography specialist, he discovered a wheel in an old store cupboard and taught himself to throw. He became hooked and soon after left teaching to focus on ceramics. Tim has recently completed a MA in Ceramics at UCA and was one of the British Ceramics Biennial’s winning Fresh23 artists, and awarded a residency at Staffordshire University.

'The Ellusive Promise of Utopia' series, no 1 | H. 15 cm | By Tim Fluck

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