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Cyanotype on Arches Cotton Rag Paper

Edition of 12 plus 2 A/P

Framed: H. 52 x w. 44 cm, £420

Unframed: H. 38 x w. 31 cm, £320



About Rosalind Hobley

Rosalind Hobley is a London based artist working with an early photographic process called Cyanotype. To make these prints she coats heavyweight cotton rag paper with a solution containing iron salts, and exposes them to UV light under a large format negative. The resulting prints are a characteristic Prussian (Cyan) blue colour. 


Rosalind’s father and grandfather were seed merchants, and she learned gardening from an early age. She currently has a small container garden on her balcony where she grows many of the flowers she photographs. (She feels that the large Poppy prints refer back to a childhood world, where the relative scale of the plants is larger, and you can lose yourself in the tiny details of each flower.)


Rosalind received a BA Hons in Fine Art Sculpture from Maidstone College of Art and went on to be the recipient of the Create Church St Grant; LCN Scholarship; awarded first place in the Alternative Processes Series of the 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, and an Honourable Mention in the Portrait Series. Her work has featured in many publications, as well as the RA Summer Exhibitions and juried shows at the Turner Contemporary and Hastings Contemporary Galleries and others.




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Payment in Instalments Available

To pay via a series of instalments, contact us to discuss suitable payment terms by card or bank transfer, set up directly with the gallery.

Tulips III | 38 x 31 cm | By Rosalind Hobley

PriceFrom £320.00
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