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H. 28 x w. 18 cm



About Fran Fell

"I am a London based ceramic artist creating vessels decorated with contemporary designs."


"I am not sure if it’s a good idea to make verbal statements about visual things but, if I had to, I’d say my work is spontaneous, energetic and playful.  I am always trying to keep an untrained spirit to what I do.  In working quickly and instinctively I hope to capture the emotion I feel when making.  For me a lively material quality must remain present in the finished pieces – the seams, the drips, finger marks and ‘mistakes’."


"I try to vary my work and make one off sculptural pieces but I always seem to return to the vessel.  It’s a universal form which has been around for millennia  made to contain everything from food and flowers to medicines and ashes. Beyond being purely functional vessels have a more imaginative role in human culture – their surfaces adorned with myths, stories and legends.  I love the way the visual narrative of the decoration unfolds as you move around the vessel. There’s a time-based aspect to it – almost like watching a film."


"The moment I open the kiln to discover the finished work has an air of surprise and is always an emotional experience."


Fran Fell is a London-based ceramicist. Her work has been exhibited since 2019.

Tutti Frutti Pitcher | H. 28 cm | By Fran Fell

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