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H. 6 x l. 32 x w. 29 cm



About the Artist

‘Responding to the materiality of the porcelain clay, this new body of work ‘Unfurling’ references the perpetual motion of nature, suggesting the unfurling petals of a wild flower, the curl of a wave as it laps the shore, the sculptural qualities of coral. The character of each individual piece emerges through the process of making, revealing the latent possibilities inherent in the clay.’


‘The notion of unfurling describes how the pieces come into physical being and reflects the maker’s involvement in the evolution of the work, as the clay is manipulated, formed and shaped in response to the material and its capabilities.’


Becky Mackenzie is a ceramic designer-maker working predominantly with porcelain and earthenware. Using throwing, casting and hand-building techniques, her ceramic vessels are tactile, minimal and elegant.


Becky studied at Central Saint Martin’s where she graduated with a first class degree in Ceramic Design, and subsequently gained an MA in Fine Art Conservation. An appreciation of process and materials, inherent in conservation work, informs her current ceramic practice, which promotes curiosity and consideration of the materials used.



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Unfurling | By Becky Mackenzie

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