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Stoneware with dolomite glaze

18 x 20 x 16 cm



About Julia Clarke

"The focus of my work is to produce abstract sculpture using mixed media materials which are tactile, natural, or found. The work explores the boundary between what we perceive as craft, and sculpture, using re-appropriated techniques such as ceramics and weaving.  I would like the viewer to feel some connection when seeing my work to the space around them- to want to touch them, to excite an emotion that refers to shared ambiguous feelings."


"I work in my studio from home in Crouch End and a shared ceramic studio in Holloway. I have been an artist for over 30 years, making sculpture for indoor and outdoor spaces. I also teach and run workshops."


"I have shown my work at Kew Gardens, at the CCA Gallery Cambridge, and recently had local commissions for Modern History in Crouch end, the Arthouse cinema, Alexandra Park Sculpture Trail, and am currently working on a commission for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel group."

Untitled | H. 18 cm | By Julia Clarke

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