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Vase by Joseph Ludkin

Wheel-thrown and altered, black clay and corase grog

Approx. H. 29 x dia. 12 cm


'This Vessel has been made using a combination of wheel throwing and hand making techniques. The Vessel has been made from a blend of black clay and a coarse grog. The grog gives the form texture when I cut the surface with wire and Bamboo tools. The form is decorated with a white clay slip and then glazed with a semi-transparent glaze receipe which I often manpulate by wiping and sanding to develop breaks and imperfections in the surface finish.'



About the Artist

Joseph Ludkin’s pottery and ceramic practice is influenced by a wide range of stimuli including Japanese and Korean aesthetics, philosophies and making techniques as well as traditional and contemporary British studio pottery. 


His interest primarily lies in experimental techniques and finding personal connections within process of making as well as creating specific narratives in the work he creates.


Joseph uses a lot of found and donated materials in his work; he digs local clays and collects river silt for the clay body and slip mixes and uses ash created from local sources such as trees, shrubs and plants to make the majority of his glazes or glaze additions. He also uses local willow, climbing vines and cuttings to make handles and decorative details in his work. Joseph feels that this ‘homemade’ approach brings him closer to the work he produces and creates a narrative discussing the relationships between objects, materials, people and places. Combining local materials with borrowed aesthetics and making techniques ensures that Joseph’s work resonates with issues surrounding Identity, borders, boundaries, cross cultural design, cultural ownership/cultural appropriation and globalisation.


After graduating with BA and MA in Design from Goldsmiths College Joseph went on to work as a junior designer for Droog designer Jan Mellis and MNO designer Ben Oostrum in the Netherlands. It was whilst working in Holland on hand made prototypes that joseph reaffirmed his passion for the process of making. On his return he started his own Design Craft practice experimenting and designing with a wide range of craft and making processes.


Joseph was introduced to pottery three years ago when he was bought a series of lessons at the Kiln Rooms in Peckham as a surprise present. It was his ‘eureka moment’ Clay was the vehicle he was looking for, Pottery and Ceramic Art became his obsession, passion and now his living.


Although a relative new comer to ceramics and pottery Joseph come from Potting stock; His Grandfather was a professional potter, starting the Holkham Hall Pottery in Norfolk and was a founding member of the Craft Potters association.  He was also the head of Ceramics and Pottery at Kings Lynn technical college.


Joseph is following in his footsteps as well as working in Ceramics he is also a lecturer and tutor at Goldsmiths College, University of London.


As well as being invited to show his work at Thrown, in recent months Joseph work has been selected for the international Yunomi invitational exhibition at the ClayAkar gallery in Ohio, USA. His work was also shown at the Clay Store London in their ‘Surface’ exhibition and at the ‘Tactile Minds’ show as part of the London Design festival. Joseph has recently been the subject of an article published as part of the designer Nosakhari’s ‘Makers’ series. 


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Vase | By Joseph Ludkin

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