Vase | By Maggie Atanassova

Vase | By Maggie Atanassova


Wheel-thrown terracotta, glazed

Signed on base

H. 10.5 x W. 14.5 cm



About Maggie Atanassova

I started making pottery in the 1990s at my local community centre where I was taught to throw, glaze and decorate. The more I learnt, the more mesmerised I became by the process of creating art using very simple resources from nature.

Over the last decade I have moved to different countries and continents. I lived in California, Singapore and Hong Kong. In all of these places I never stopped making pottery. I also met many exceptional potters and I learnt a lot.

California was a melting pot for the craft of pottery -  from the Native American and traditional Japanese influences to the contemporary. There, at the studio where I worked I learnt about different methods of firing. It was very exciting to experiment with the unpredictability of the reduction atmospheres after years working with controlled and predictable electric kilns.

Hong Kong was another milestone for me as a potter. I became fascinated by the wealth of the Chinese ceramic history and especially by the timelessness of the Northern Song ceramics.


Today, I have settled in the Cotswolds where I work in my studio and have the ambition to build my own wood kiln. 



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