Vessel | By Gilles Le Corre

Vessel | By Gilles Le Corre



H. 13.5 x dia. 14 cm



About Gilles Le Corre

"I make a variety of functional and one-off thrown stoneware pieces. My forms are freely manipulated on the potters wheel, some are altered and joined to construct taller larger pieces, other have incised marks applied to the soft clay revealing a subtle and tactile quality to the work, carrying a sense of captured sculptural movement. I employ a range of stoneware clays these textured clays contain so much natural impurities which adds an element of unpredictability to the surface effect. I love the way the streaks and specks produced when fired in the kiln flow and scatter, and randomly interact with the work. I have always experimented with a range of surface decoration and the use of high fired glazes using brushes and trailing to produce a glaze on glaze effect. In my latest work I am interested in the carving and texturing of the wet clay to achieve a rhythmic pattern across the whole form. I make a range of thrown bottles, platters, bowls, cups and vessels fired to cone 10 in a reduction atmosphere.



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