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Wheel thrown ,Stoneware clay, food safe glazes

H. 7 x dia. 12 cm

Hand-washing recommended



About Noriko Nagaoka

Hand thrown or made in a mould in batches made to order, Noriko Nagaoka makes nature inspired collections of stoneware tableware, including sake cups, bowls, plates, ikebana vases, and plant pots. 


While in London, Noriko missed seeing Japanese handmade tableware, so she decided to develop her own style of ceramics, inspired by nature, using a layering glaze style and gravity to create one-of-a-kind pieces.  Trees, ocean scenery, mountains, waterfalls, and animals, are all great inspirations to her.  Her Mori, Titan, and Croco glazed pieces are created by gravity during the final glaze firing in an electric kiln.


Noriko is deeply influenced and inspired by the Japanese master potter Mr. Shoji Hamada. His spontaneous designs and clean shapes are what she strives to achieve in her own work. 

Weeping Willow Matcha Bowl | H. 7 | By Noriko Nagaoka

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