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Fibre-based print, unframed

H. 10 x w. 7 cm


"The piece is from an ongoing project focusing on the purity in which our love for nature lies. Not trying to own or dominate but just to become one with the land. The name takes from the folklore surrounding white heather, it is supposed that it grows on lands where no blood has been spilt."



About Esmé Papa

Esmé Papa is a contemporary artist from Margate living in Brighton. Known for being experimental with her work and exploring eco-friendly alternatives. Such as involving seaweed in her process and removing harmful chemicals from the analog mediums she uses. Her work focuses on the natural environment and the importance in the materiality of her art. Presenting a sense of quietness whilst always alluding to the desire of being alone surrounded in nature. This intimacy with the landscapes is usually displayed through her unique and grainy photographic style.

When I Walk I Hope for White Heather | 10 x 7 cm | By Esmé Papa

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