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H. 2 x dia. 25 cm


"This white matte plate with brown lines and yellow glaze triangle is a simple yet very bold design full of character. It will bring out the colours and freshness to any cuisine."



About Yoshie Prideaux

"I have created pottery in Tokyo, New York and London--cities whose whirlwind diversity inspires me. So does nature. Walking in the woods or on the waterfront, I get new ideas for colours and textures. I throw and hand build in stoneware, pursuing simple, strong motifs by combining line, texture and colour."


Born in Japan, Yoshie Prideaux graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York and currently lives in London.


"Design and pottery are always my passion and these two influence each other. It is sometimes not easy to balance creative expression and functionality, but I am happy indeed when both harmonise and dance!"



Artist Q&A

When did you first work with your chosen medium?

Y: I made my first pottery in New York. I felt like a child again! It was so much fun kneading the clay, being free from fear to make any shape I wanted. And choosing any colour. But I quickly realised that the part about colour was not so simple...


What are your biggest influences?

Y: Everything I see! Or sometimes everything I touch.

I would love to experiment with taste, smell or sound. I sometimes think about taste because I make tableware.


Do you listen to anything as you work?

Y: I listen to everything: jazz, rock, Bach. But my favourite is silence. We are surrounded by so many sounds and noises and I sometimes enjoy having no music, just silence.


How do you decide when a form works? What are you looking for in a final piece?

Y: Balance, proportion. If I feel happy to hold or touch the piece. In other words, the shape is comfortable in the hands.

White Geometric Plate | Dia. 25 cm | By Yoshie Prideaux

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