Wood-Fired Bud Vase | By Paul Dalrymple

Wood-Fired Bud Vase | By Paul Dalrymple


Soda fired, agate stoneware clays with lava rock grog and transparent glaze interior

H. 13 x dia. 8 cm



About Paul Dalrymple

"Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by creating, recently I have been working on combining my passions for, cooking, eating and designing tableware as a performance.

I design and make my ceramics with a unique understanding of utilitarian function, but fused with a great passion to make objects that are imaginative in form, material and style.


"Growing up and living in Northern Ireland influences my work greatly, I use simple materials, found in nature and in industry like Pebble’s, worn bricks or trees as a starting point. Each one, symbolic of a different time or emotion in my life. In these ranges I am trying to show a sense of growth, embellished evidence of a story of what conditions they have survived. The weathered state of these materials wood, pebble or brick I feel show great resilience and character.


"In my tableware forms I like to challenge what we are used too, how do we handle it? Should it sit flat on the table/or tilt towards the diner? Years of working in restaurants has made me think differently. My work is mainly thrown, often altered to create sculptural pieces that are also very practical.


"I combine different clays and glazes within the same pieces to create both visual and tactile qualities that make the pieces seem found or used rather than manufactured. These functional ranges usually start from the materials, often as large bowls, jars or wall sculptures.:



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