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*Please note, this artwork is being represented directly from Hanna's studio in Poland and therefore deliveries to all addresses are stated as 10 working days from purchase. Import taxes may be applicable to different destinations and if so will be charged via customs on import, they are not included within the purchase price however the delivery costs to any worldwide destination is. If you would like to check on delivery timings or would like help finding out about import tax, don't hesitate to get in touch.*




H. 52 x w. 40 x d. 28 cm


A composition of a single vertical sculpture, gently curving down. It was built with a slab of clay, wrapped around symbolic human figure in the center. Wrapping clay slab as though with a veil or a protective shield resonates with the symbolical Mothers figures who cover and protect their children on earth. Visual inspiration for this sculpture was a human figure standing on its knees embracing itself with its arms. Humans assume this position when very vulnerable, longing for help and support, and if unable to get it, they naturally all close up inside. While creating the entire set of sculptures, my task was to keep away from anthropomorphic shapes, but I have to admit that this sculpture, although remaining abstract, can be interpreted as resembling a human more so than the other pieces. The reason for that is because the original visual inspiration was a very powerful symbol, evoking strong feelings, at least for me as an artist. '



About Hanna Petrikina

"In the realm of art, there's a remarkable opportunity for personal liberation. On a personal level, that's precisely what I'm pursuing. Through storytelling, I can delve into my own experiences, rediscover my true self, and uncover the right path in both art and life. On a broader scale, I investigate the influence of storytelling and personal experiences on the visual arts and the impact they have on both artists and their audience. This isn't achieved through analytical data but through introspection and emotional connection."


"Rather than using direct, plain explanations, I opt for allegorical characters and stories, much like the language of visual art itself, which serves as a symbol inviting interpretation, analysis, and enjoyment."


"My narrative is deeply entwined with personal experiences, sometimes involving pain and trauma, I often draw insights from psychologists and psychoanalysts such as Freud, Jung, and others who have explored the power of dreams and symbols in art and culture."


"Moreover, my work includes ceramic sculptures that give tangible form to abstract ideas. I believe that each story will continue to evolve on its own, acquiring new meanings and visual expressions."


"I was born in 1996 in Crimea, Ukraine but because of annexation by Russian Federation in 2014 moved to Lviv, Ukraine and continued my studies in Lviv National academy of arts. Currently I have Crimean refugee status."


"I also obtained a Bachelor's degree in Ceramic Art from the Lviv National Academy of Arts in May 2017, where my diploma work received a perfect score and special recognition from the dean.

Later, I studied ceramic art and design at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw from October 2018 to December 2020."


"Since February 2020, I've been an independent artist, studio owner, and art teacher."

Wrap | H. 52 cm | By Hanna Petrikina

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