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R A C H E L   G R I M S H A W

"My work is about the clay; its pliable, immediate qualities. Like a photograph capturing a ‘frozen moment’ this material when fired fixes forever a gesture, an impression."

"I work in both Parian porcelain and, separately, in heavily grogged stoneware. All my work is hand built solid and the marks are created by impressing found objects, their origins occasionally hinted at.

"The clay body is coloured when wet using various percentages of body stains and oxides and then fired over several days in an electric kiln."

"The heavily grogged stoneware enables me to work larger and in a more architectural manner. These forms allude to the built environment but deliberately avoid explicit references. In pushing the material to its limits my wish is to explore three dimensional shapes and movement while retaining a real sense of the qualities of clay. How the light interacts with a piece is an important factor in the presentation of the work. Although my work has no prescribed narrative, there is a meditative quality."

“Rachel Grimshaw, whose tactile, squashed and manipulated block-like forms stood out because of her sensitive understanding of detail within a deceptively simple shape” Alex McErlain reviewing the exhibition ‘Urban Traces’ in Ceramic Review.

Born in 1967, Rachel Grimshaw attended St Helens School of Art followed by Manchester Polytechnic (3-dimensional design course, specializing in interior design), graduating with a BA Hons, 1st Class in 1990. She practiced as an Interior Designer within an architectural practice since 1990. In 2009 she gained a Distinction in MA Ceramics (tutor David Binns) at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston and in 2012 became a Professional Member of the Craft Potters Association.


Exhibitions have been held widely in the UK including at Galerie Besson, London, and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and worldwide, in Australia, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Latvia and Japan. Her award-winning work can be found in several international collections, including Mino and Kecskemet in Hungary. 

Rachel works from her ceramic studio in her hometown of Wigan in the North of England.

C U R R E N T   W O R K