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R H I A N N O N   G W Y N

"My work encapsulates the rugged beauty of my home landscape - a quarrying village in North Wales by using the physical characteristics of Welsh slate and other locally sourced materials."

"This involves exploring the full potential of slate by incorporating it with ceramic processes to create objects that depict forms of the land as part of a circular process whereby I have been personally shaped by my surrounding landscape form and shape its raw materials. A process of sculpting the materials that's sculpted me."

"These features are reflected in the shapes of the slate through high firing and in the patterns and colours of the ceramics created through glazes made from slate and other collected materials such as heather and the gorse flower. It is exciting to work with materials starting with their original state and then engaging with their stages of change . The fired slate and gorse flower glaze are in sharp contrast but accentuate and complement each other echoing their relationship within the landscape."

Rhiannon Gwyn was raised in Sling near Bethesda - a quarrying village in North Wales, a place that has, and continues to strongly influence her creative practice.

In 2019 Rhiannon graduated with a first class Artist Designer: Maker degree from Cardiff School of Art and Design. On the course she was encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials and their processes and found her interest to be with slate and clay, now her practice seeks to discover new possibilities in the crafting of these materials.


M O R E   I M A G E S 

A S   S E E N   I N 

Gatherers artwork final copy.jpg


16th May 2020 - end date tbc when lockdown ends

Gatherers is a digital and physical exhibition by OmVed Gardens, Thrown and Metafleur. The exhibition showcases a group of artists with distinctive connections to their materials.

Foraged, dug, cut and collected, the materials used by the artists and makers are not just about form, but are a way of exploring their surroundings; unique stories revolving around a sense of place.

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