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Rose de Nour / Giorgia Piu
Rome, Italy

"Lately I've been thinking a lot about a correct description for my evolution with the earth. Every single thought went towards history, contemporary forms, the community and every single emotion that the land itself can transmit: liberating, dreamy and therapeutic. These latest collections therefore create a bridge for the different souls that live in me. From the free forms of the sculptures to a look towards the history of cultures. From traditional earth to soft organic shapes transformed into modern ceramics, enhancing any element that this wonderful world offers us."

"Experimentation with different materials, combined with growth through healthy teachings, creates strong foundations for a long journey dedicated to discovering the essence of craftsmanship, in modern times."

Giorgia Piu is an Italian artisan, earth artist and ceramist, born in Rome where she still lives and works. Since she was a child, she was fascinated by the Persian name 'Nour', meaning 'light', a divine light, evoking kindness and balance. Already working in painting and drawing, Giorgia attended the Matilde Tibuzzi Lab123 workshop in Rome and found ceramics. It was here and with the teachings of master Libero Ortuso that Giorgia discovered 'a new way to experience creativity, with freedom and a positive approach'.

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'Crislade 43', coil-built terracotta, black earth & raku fire clay,

h. 30 x w. 22 x d. 9 cm

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What was your first experience with clay?

G: It started thanks to a dear friend of mine who was taking a ceramics course in the area. I was completely fascinated watching him work, and out of curiosity, I joined him for a class in a workshop. When I touched the clay, I felt a strong imprint, a unique sense of belonging.

What are your biggest influences?

G: Nature, female archetype, spirituality, modern and ancient art.

What’s been your biggest achievement in your artistic career so far?

G: Seeing my artwork travel to different parts of the world (America, France, Indonesia, Spain, etc.).

How important is the material itself to your work?

G: I always select high-quality clays while simultaneously enjoying creating unique and intuitive color shades and play. I love working with smooth and organic clays, creating a true sensory journey.

Can you tell us more about your recent series?

G: The latest series of sculptures, named "Crisalide," was born out of a strong need to create a free and light movement of forms with strong and solid legs/roots. The sculptures move sensually and softly on strong and large bases.

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