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To Love and To Hold, porcelain and thread, h5cms w8.3cms d7.7cm, Roshni Senapati.jpg

R O S H N I   S E N A P A T I

'These vessels, as their name suggests, are made to be held and loved.  They invite the viewer to cradle them, to fit their curved bases snugly in the cup of the palm and feel the softness of silk in their polished exteriors. '

'They are hand built using porcelain and thread and explore ideas of memory, connection and ancestral history. Working with two materials allows me to explore my ideas not only through the form and colour of the porcelain vessel, but also with the thread that is knotted and stitched into its walls.'

'The threads I use have all been worn or used by mother. They connect her practice to mine and continue the cycle of making. Each knotted thread is rich in memories of people and place. Within its fibres reside narratives of who I belong to and where I come from.  Brought together through my process, the porcelain and thread vessels serve as memory keepers, a holding space of family history and cultural tradition.'

Roshni Senapati is an Australian ceramic artist based in Meanjin/Brisbane.  Working with porcelain and thread, her work explores ideas of memory, connection and ancestral history. 


Her sculptures have been exhibited in group exhibitions in Brisbane. Her work was featured in the Winter Show 2020 at Thrown Contemporary, London. 


Roshni is a finalist in the National Emerging Art Prize 2021, Ceramic Arts Queensland 2021 Siliceous Award for Ceramic Excellence and the Little Things Art Prize 2021.

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