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Sam Andrew

Each striation originates from hundreds of slabs meticulously layered. With thousands of lifts, pats and slaps the layers compress. A slice is taken from these layered loaves, which are then pressed into lined tableware. A technique known as Nerikomi. The waste of the process has been collected over years of production and now forms into Sam's most prominent pieces. The tan and brown clays are the homogenous blend of black and white waste. Off-cuts from various batches have been inlaid and intricately joined together to create bellied forms from waste.

Sam Andrew is a Manchester-based ceramicist whose work is influenced by his background in Clinical Neuropsychology and time living in the Netherlands, Hungary and Tokyo. He was taught by his mother, who has now been potting for over 50 years, since a young age. As a starting point Sam's interest in psychology has preoccupied him with the visual effect of depth in contrasting coloured lines, and what it teaches about the way in which we perceive, with circular material reuse, and excessive patterning, being central to this expression.

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