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Phillipp Schenk-Mischke recently graduated with a MA in Design products from the Royal College of Art.

"For my graduation project, I aimed to create iterations of classic domestic objects by introducing plug-ins that distort the usual outcome, sometimes forcefully. My goal with this project is to look at traditional processes – such as modes of manufacture, assembly or use – and spoil them of their straightforwardness and predictability. The design process was very experimental and oscillated between trying to gain a certain degree of control over the randomness that is introduced by the plug-ins without making myself obsolete as the maker.”


One of the resulting products, called BTM Ceramics, is a set of colourful ceramic vases, all of which feature bends and imperfections. To create them, Philipp moulds simple vase forms and then, while the clay is still wet, places them on a fitness vibration plate. The vibrations distort the shape of the vase in a random, organic manner.

"Although the body vibration plate (which says BTM on it, hence the name) might seem randomly chosen, it was preceded by more than 200 experiments of shaking and vibrating different shapes on different machines that I built over the course of the last year. I see the fitness plate as a tool to work and create with, similar to a chisel or a hammer."

Philipp’s work has quickly received much attention internationally and he has been featured as one-to-watch on Dezeen, Sight Unseen and Design Milk as well as press features in China, Russia and Sweden.


This design methodology permits an inquisitive space that is devoid of predominant ideals to experiment and test in. His work tries to provoke discussion through reimagining classic mechanisms of mass manufacture, crafts and corporate culture and confronting them with notions of do-it-yourself, post-internet culture and readymades

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