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S H A N N O N   B A R T L E T T - S M I T H

Shannon Bartlett-Smith began working with clay while studying at Bristol School of Art. She moved to Cornwall and further developed her creative skills while studying Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University. As a part of her course, she had the opportunity to explore many different mediums and particularly thrived in the art of paper cutting and installation. However, her interest in ceramics never waned and she began volunteering on the weekends at the Leach Pottery.

Shannon graduated in 2015 with a Ba Hons in Contemporary Craft, and was shortlisted for the New Designers “Designer of the year 2015” award. She went on to show her work in exhibitions including New Designers- One Year On and Paperscissors Book. In 2017, she had her first solo exhibition at LINLEY, Belgravia in London, titled Journeys in Paper.

 After Shannon’s success with her paper cut work, she decided it was time to return her focus to ceramics. She returned to the Leach Pottery in 2017 as a full-time workshop volunteer. Being immersed in the production workshop has helped her to improve her throwing and decorating skills. Shannon has discovered a real passion for brushwork, which incorporates the design elements she enjoys in her paper-cut work with the tactile and practical aspects of working in clay.

After 2 years at the Leach Pottery, she now works from her own studio in Cornwall.

C U R R E N T   W O  R K

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