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Significant Form

(28th June - 17th August 2019)

Our third and final large-group curated show for this year, 'Significant Form', brings together artists and makers in an exploration of ceramics as a form of abstract art.

Inspired by Clive Bell's theory of significant form, we have sought out embodiments of his theory in which all objects that evoke aesthetic emotion in us share one quality, significant form - defined as significant relationships between lines, shapes, colours, and other sensory properties.


The group features: sculptural collections by internationally exhibited Roger Coll and acclaimed artist maker Stephanie Buttle; nerikomi wall plaques by Royal College of Art graduate Judy Mckenzie; prominent, small-scale 'vessels' by Leonie Stanton; explorations of expressive colour by Arjan Van Dal and James Pegg; the startling minimal vases and bowls of Ben Sutton; and the abstracted sculpture and tableware of Adam Ross.

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