Stephanie Buttle

‘The new work is a collection of sketches in clay and wood that describe a personal interpretation of human intimacy. ‘


‘Clay has reached the edge of another distinctive material. The expressive qualities of the clays movement however wants to reach further, beyond where the tipping point of materials and form exist, where the edges of one thing and another seem so absolute, may cease to offer boundaries, no longer belongs completely to the body from which it came, one thing more, which has no name and belongs to no one.’

Stephanie Buttle studied at Central Saint Martins from 2012 -2015 gaining a first class honours degree in Ceramics. Upon graduating she was nominated for Central Saint Martins Graduation Nova Award.


Stephanie's work has been features in articles in publication including Hole&Corner magazine as well as in exhibitions at the Lethaby Gallery London, Pangolin Gallery London, Messums Wiltshire, Port Elliot Festival in 2015 -17 with Hole & Corner Magazine and the London Design Festival.

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