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T H E   C L A Y   A S S E M B L A G E

London-based graphic designer and art director Bilgin Bernard creates ceramics under the alias of The Clay Assemblage.


Her working process aims to celebrate the natural, inherent texture of the clay, with its honesty in imperfections and irregularity. She makes pieces that are created to last and to be passed down to subsequent generations. 

Bilgin started to work on her (Earth) in isolation series during the first lockdown as a response to her personal experience at this time. Forced to be in a confined space, detached from the world for most of the time, Bilgin started to explore the meaning of space and identity. She felt an instant connection between her being physically in a confined space and her experience growing up as a child of migrants in Germany, exploring the meaning of space and identity all over again. Exploring her own identity within the boundaried space of society.

G R O W T H   C O L L E C T I O N

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M O R E   I M A G E S