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T O M   C R E W

'I want my work to speak to the soul, whether they be wheel thrown hand held objects - or more figurative in form. They share a feeling of sparseness and a balance of simplicity and honesty of their imperfections.'


Tom Crew was born in Malta 'a long time ago', considers himself a Londoner, lives in Shoreditch and describes himself as a late starter to pottery.

We currently hold two different collections of Tom's work - his tableware and a brand new direction in a series of sculptural 'heads'.

S C U L P T U R E 

'These latest works are the result of following emotions and feelings and less of logic. I was inspired by an object I saw in a window – a thousand-year-old face – it stayed in my mind. A simple face – straightforward – robust – I imagined on the reverse the marks of its creation – its hidden self – not secrets but its other dimensions, its other selves, what it has witnessed, its different personas, the history of its making, its ambitions, successes and failures.'

'It bears the marks of experiences, of what it’s been through to get here, cracked and repaired, with serenity in its brokenness – its continued vulnerability - its longevity and will to survive – assuring you that everything will be fine –  to watch over you – to take care of you'


'For me using the wheel makes the creative process feel rhythmic and meditative, with the finished out put more of a sketch than a painting, something fleeting and captured. I like to see a little of the history of the making in my work, as materials pass through their stages of transformation to the finished item - that may then, ultimately, begin a new life when used as an everyday functional object. I like the thought that the more something is used the more real and meaningful it may be.'

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