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Our winter exhibition is always a big celebration of the year and fills our gallery space with a vast variety of work representing each of our represented artists and makers. This year however, as we have come to expect for 2020, this has been taken to a whole new level.


Just over 2 weeks ago, on hearing the news that there would be a second lockdown, we released a call for submissions, inviting artists and makers to submit work to add into this show. Launching the show purely online, we are able to stretch out into this expansive digital space and offer up even more opportunity to artists to get their work seen.


The response has truly blown us away.

In fact, the resulting collection you are about to explore, which wasn't even an idea 3 weeks ago, is already one of our proudest achievements.

We hope you will be able to take your time to take in the variety and detail.

This page will also be added to with many different ways to explore this extensive collection as the show progresses.



Best wishes,

Claire & Millie

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