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A N D R E W   M A R R

"All art constantly aspires to the condition of music." That was what Walter Pater thought and you can see what you meant, although it's a little deflating for those of us who draw and paint. My art and in particular my drawing aspires more to an apparent oxymoron - serious play. I think there should be something unrehearsed, joyous and unexpected about good drawing - lolloping along after the line, wherever it leads, letting the wrist and fingers follow the unconscious. In my most recent drawings, I am taking a very traditional subject, acrobats and magicians, for pictures which reflect moods and mental atmospheres.'

Broadcaster, writer and artist Andrew Marr, perhaps best known as the BBC’s former political editor and from ‘The Andrew Marr Show’, had been an occasional painter of ‘quietly representational images of landscapes, still lives and the people I know’ until a serious stroke in 2013 which led to a focus on his painting and drawing as a method of rehabilitation and a change in his work from realism to a more abstract style.


His first exhibition ‘Strokes of Colour’ which opened in 2017 and raised money for the ARNI Stroke Rehabilitation Charity resulted in sales of more than half of the108 original oil paintings displayed. He began exhibiting in joint exhibitions with his friend and mentor Adrian Hemming the following year as well as receiving invitations from across the UK for more solo shows.


Andrew has also released books about art, including ‘A Short Book About Drawing’ (2013) and ‘A Short Book About Painting’ (2017).

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