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D I A N E   G R I F F I N

'The customs of leaving letters and objects at historic and spiritually important sites such as the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and Casa de Guilietta in Verona have been the inspiration to my work. These collective acts of engagement, born of an anthropic desire to connect with the divine or universal energies are used as starting point concepts which then develop through the making process.'

'Markings & symbols reference identity and meaning in many cultures. Aligning ourselves with a group helps us work out who we are & what our values might be. It’s natural. It’s tribal. It’s human.'

'This series of sculptures explores ideas of inherited or passed down traditions and beliefs relating to cultural identity and our human desire for a sense of belonging. These dynamic sculptures have a transient feel to them while exploring concepts of fragility, weight and balance.'


Diane Griffin was born in London and studied ceramics at West Surrey College of Art & Design in Farnham, graduating in 1988. After spending 10 years in Yorkshire, she now lives and works in Northamptonshire. Her work has been exhibited widely across the country and abroad.

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