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J D P   C E R A M I C S

James Pegg’s work explores 'Action Casting' and the inherent connections between form, colour and movement. The work is in a constant state of creation, a direct embodiment of the balance between spontaneous gestures and controlled colour. In every part of the process lies an element of chance, from the pressure and speed at which the stained porcelain slip makes contact with the plaster mould to the interaction between the layers of different colours.

James studied Textile Design at Glasgow School of Art before moving to London to complete his MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins. His ceramics practice was born out of the desire to create something more permanent than fabric yet embody the same expressions of colour and surface. James (also known as JDPCeramics) currently works out of Mirabel Studios in Manchester. His work has been featured in exhibitions across the UK as well as within national press.

C U R R E N T   W O R K

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