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A Wake Up Call

Does anyone else feel like time is moving incredibly quickly? I seem to blink and it’s the following week. Time travel has never been so unwelcome. I don’t seem to have the time to write as much as I used to on here. Not because of not prioritising it and definitely not for not wanting to, but my head has been so full that the words don’t seem to come out in their usual way. That is, until I unwrapped this vessel. There are certain pieces that just stop you in your tracks and this is undoubtably one. Looking at it takes my focus, quietening thoughts and immediately slowing everything down. Perhaps it’s its tall stretching form or the way it makes you lean in to follow the raku crackles as they scatter across it’s surface. It has all the intrigue of a museum piece - and is impressive enough to be one. All of this, stood there in front of you, is certainly a wake up call. A rare force that knocks you right into the present.

Image: ‘Raku Thrown Form’ by Michael Rice, from his current solo show ‘Dust’ (13th Sept - 6th Oct).




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