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And then we were 2

2 years ago today, we opened our doors. 2 amazing years that we can’t thank everyone involved enough for. Looking in at our current show, I can see work by artists who have been with me since day one. It’s felt like we’ve all been growing together, taking the many incredible opportunities that have come up and using them to show exactly what we can do. There’s also artists who we’re working with for the very first time - for some their first gallery show. Our list of artists and makers always amazes me with all of the talent we’re lucky enough to work with, who we’ve met in so many different ways, from all over the world - and there’s more to add as we go through our exhibitions this year. And finally, there on my desk are some flowers that arrived yesterday from a friend I’ve made through the gallery. That made my day as they appeared. We’ve had the most amazing response from so many people connecting with what we do - whether you’re close enough to visit or keep up-to-date from afar. I feel like I write these posts a lot as it seems there’s always a milestone happening but I know it’s important not to let them just pass by. And especially, I think, because these milestones are thanks to the community that seems to be continuously building around us - and that includes you.



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