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And the winner is....

Our winning image: Collection featuring porcelain cocoon vase and orbit vase by Ben Sutton.

A big thank you to everyone who got involved in our ‘Art at Home’ competition.

It has been a real joy to receive your photographs and to see so many wonderful pieces again - special shout out to the image of the XXL Planter by James Pegg that was the pot that we used on the gallery's opening invitation way back when we were just starting.

We can't tell you how much we love this album showing the entries with a special feature of two quite spectacular interiors that we've posted right at the end.

For those of you who weren't to take part this time, there will be more chances - we have decided to run this competition every 6 months and will be constantly collecting entries. We already can't wait to see even more.


Left: Vessel by Tom Kemp | Right: 3D Printed 'Fault' Vessel by Ryan Barrett

Left: Plates by Melisa Dora | Right: Trio of Vases by Tom Kemp

Left: London Slip Spotted Vessel by Joseph Ludkin | Right: Two Tall Vases by Roelof Uys

Left: Sake Set by ERADU Ceramics | Right: Vessel by Tom Kemp and Bowl/Planter by Tom Crew

Left: Ceramics by Adam Frew | Right: XXL Planter by James Pegg

Left: Vessel by Tom Kemp | Right: Bowls by Adam Frew

Left: Cut Vessels by Joseph Ludkin | Right: Breaking Light, Thames by Benjamin Warner

Left: Vessel by Tom Kemp with a collection of 'Cut' and 'Dug' vessels by Simon Kidd

Right: Collection of tableware including Shannon Bartlett-Smith, Britta James, Matt Foster, Alex Shimwell, Adam Frew and Fettle Studio

Left: Vintage Surfaces Plates by Bisila Noha

Right: Botanical Vase by Zuleika Melluish and 'Ground' Bowl by Simon Kidd

Left: Bottle by John Pollex | Right: Collection featuring Large Black Vessel by Elly Wall.

Left: Bottle by John Higgins | Right: Miniature Vessel by Alma Berliner

Left: Bud Vase by Ali Tomlin & Tall Vase by Adam Frew | R: Ash & Tenmoku Pourers by the Leach Pottery

Left: Georgian Terrace Vase and Dog Walker Pot by Helen Beard

Right: Raku Bow with Blue Wave and Disc by Peter Hayes

Left: Collection featuring Vessel by Samantha Silverton | Right: Lidded Jar by Peter Sparrey

Left: Oval Plate by Zuleika Melluish | Right: Collection including Cut no 7 by Simon Kidd

Left: Vessel by Tom Kemp | Right: Jug by Shannon Bartlett-Smith

Left: Cup by Britta James | Right: Plate by Tim Lake

Cylinder Vase, Brushed Teal by Ali Tomlin

Acrobats in Rehearsal, Happily by Andrew Marr



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