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Art in Focus: 'Flowers' by Farphoria


Porcelain, 24k gold, metal rods Dimensions: real size of different flowers, thistles, etc

By Farphoria


"Porcelain has an unforgiving attitude but offers the ability to capture even the smallest marks. I collect plants, flowers, berries from all over the world, dip them in liquid porcelain and fire in the kiln at 1300 °C. The plant gets caught up in the porcelain and burns out leaving only a hollow fossilised shell with all the spikes, leaves and veins imprinted into it. Something that would decay without a trace, turns into a stone instead, and becomes solidified, timeless poetry. Metals rust, organic materials rot, everything decomposes with time - yet porcelain defies decay. Porcelain is otherworldly in its imperishability, beauty and strength."

"Thus, nature itself provides the material. I only collect and transform it in an instrumental way, adding the trace of hand making. I consciously amplify the natural irregularities of plants by coloured glazes and gestural marks, such as Kintsugi."

"We live in the Anthropocene - the epoch in which human disturbance outranks other geological forces. I want to use the contradicting qualities of metal and porcelain for making landscape-based assemblages - all of that can discursively speak how capitalism, acting like a giant bulldozer, flattening everything to its specifications, has trapped all in a one-way future consisting only of growth, salvage accumulation, and as a consequence, total destruction of nature."

FARPHORIA is created by Xenia Busalova Studio to manifest the admiration for porcelain as a material - the amalgamation of earth, air, water, and fire.

See a selection of porcelain flower sculptures by FARPHORIA as part of our collaborative exhibition 'The Wild Collective' at OmVed Gardens. Infact it's the final day to come and see the exhibition tomorrow, open midday-5pm.



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